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"As a dentist myself, and knowing excellent dentistry both esthetically and technically, it has been my good fortune that Dr. Rick Lane has been my dentist for many years. Dr. Lane is a mature, knowledgeable, innovative, skillful and thoughtful practitioner. It is with great confidence that I highly recommend Dr. Lane to friends, family and the community."      

Dr. Robert Iezman,  Orthodontist and Instructor, UCSF School of Dentistry


"I have been a patient of Dr. Lane's for a good many years.  I came to him with a dilemma.  I didn't like the way my upper front teeth looked when I smiled.  I work in the dental field so people expect you to have really pretty teeth, I didn't feel I did.  After speaking to Dr. Lane about my concerns he took some pictures of my teeth so we could get a really good look at them on his computer.  Dr. Lane pointed out a few things that would make my smile look wonderful.

We decided on eight veneers or crowns across the upper front teeth.  The process was very easy, I brought my iPod and fell asleep while he prepared my teeth for the crowns and veneers.  I woke up with the most beautiful temporary teeth I have ever seen.  Everyone I showed them to could not believe that I was wearing temporaries .  I got compliments from people I didn't even know about what a beautiful smile I have.  AND THAT WAS THE TEMPORARIES!

No that I have the permanent crowns and veneers everyone says you look wonderful what did you do?  Did you change your hair, or your makeup you're wearing?  They know something is different but they don't know what and that is exactly what I wanted.  I didn't want movie star bright white teeth, but I wanted my teeth to look natural and for people to not notice that they were crowns when I spoke to them.

Dr. Lane did such a wonderful job on my teeth, I want to shout his praises from the rooftops.  Since I am afraid of heights, I opted to write this letter for any potential patient to read.  Don't be afraid to jump in with both feet, you won't be sorry, you will however, be smiling from ear to ear, like me.

Thanks Dr. Lane and Staff, I love my smile now,"

Marney M., Petaluma


“I am real happy with the dental work you did for me. I felt very comfortable in your office, the scheduling was convenient, and the results were fantastic. You’re the first dentist in my life that really listened to me to find out what I wanted. This was the best money I ever spent.”

Martin Scherer, Sebastopol


“As someone who had extensive dental work done in the past which had degraded with time, I needed to find a dentist who could restore and enhance my teeth while keeping them healthy and looking natural. I found what I was looking for with Dr. Rick Lane. He and his staff are nothing short of great. They are professional, competent, caring and sensitive while they provide what I could only say is first quality dental care. I initially came to Dr. Lane for restorative work, which was rendered beautifully. I have since made Dr. Lane my primary dental care provider and referred several of my good friends to him when they’ve asked about my beautiful smile.”    

Janine Slaughter, Petaluma


“What a calming experience! Dr. Lane is so gentle. Dr. Lane’s staff are all very friendly and make me feel welcome and at ease in their care. It is a very positive atmosphere and they make coming to the dentist fun and relaxing. I first came to Dr. Lane to get my teeth cleaned and it was the absolute best cleaning visit I have ever had in all my years. The hygienist was great. Who knew coming to the dentist could be such a nice experience?” 

Sandee Wright, Petaluma

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